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"Rayhaan and his team have been the ideal and stack up as the top partner we’ve worked with on finance matters over our 14 years in business."

Oren G

Managing Director, Kurve

"Everybody wants clarity. My stress levels have decreased and I’m able to operate at a higher level, the biz is performing much better as a result."
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Phaibion R

CEO, Royal Energy

"I cannot recommend Sidekick enough. They have helped me understand my numbers and save taxes. They go above and beyond to ensure everything is in order, and I always feel like they have my best interests in mind."



"Sidekick takes the stress out of taxes and deals with it all in a professional and timely manner. Rayhaan is an expert at what he does and I’m grateful I found such a great company to look after my taxes for the foreseeable future"
LBHPT logo

Lauren H

Founder, LBHPT

"Working with Rayhaan & the team has been phenomenal. I've got clarity around my numbers and what they mean for my business. I've saved tax, and I've been guided towards what's best for me and my goals."

Dean C

Founder, Latte

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The tax saving playbook

95% of business owners in the UK are overpaying taxes. The chances are, so are you!


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