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Supporting agencies from Start Up to Exit with a Full Finance Function

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Your accounting team

As you graduate different stages of the business lifecycle, your financial needs change . A simple set of year-end accounts may have served you as a Start Up, but won't serve you as a Scale Up or to Exit.

Laying the right financial foundations and having support from a qualified team of finance professionals that actually understand your business is often the difference between a low profit, high stress business, and the business of your dreams.

That's where Sidekick comes in - we help you unlock profit and cash flow so you can focus on doing what you do best.

Rayhaan Moughal, Founder & CEO

How we can help

Three key areas to unleash your potential.

We’ve helped 50+ agency owners unlock profit and cash flow with our accounting solution.

Infographic depicting the 3 pillars of Sidekick Accounting, Insight, Strategy and Tax

Find out where you're leaving money on the table

95% of business owners in the UK are overpaying taxes. The chances are, so are you!

"We've always got the information we need to make decisions quickly ... We've saved £10k in taxes since working with Sidekick. They're not your usual accountant."

Oliver L

CEO, Authority Agency

"Rayhaan and his team have been the ideal and stack up as the top partner we’ve worked with on finance matters over our 14 years in business."
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Oren G

Managing Director, Kurve

"Everybody wants clarity. My stress levels have decreased and I’m able to operate at a higher level, the biz is performing much better as a result."
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Phaibion R

CEO, Royal Energy

"Sidekick takes the stress out of taxes and deals with it all in a professional and timely manner. Rayhaan is an expert at what he does and I’m grateful I found such a great company to look after my taxes for the foreseeable future"
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Lauren H

Founder, LBHPT

"Working with Rayhaan & the team has been phenomenal. I've got clarity around my numbers and what they mean for my business. I've saved tax, and I've been guided towards what's best for me and my goals."

Dean C

Founder, Latte


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