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External expertise that takes you further, faster.

Say goodbye to confusing accounting and Hello to insight. We’ll dive into the heart of your business to help you discover untapped opportunities, crafting a personalized strategy for sustainable growth – whether you’re a budding start-up, scaling for greatness, or ready to exit with a bang.

Your Sidekick

When it comes to the financial success of your business, knowledge is power. But, all too often, financial information is presented in a way that is hard to understand and even harder to act on. This leads to confusion and missed opportunities.

Imagine being able to see the financial health of your business in real time, understand the future impact of today’s decisions, and have the confidence to make the big moves that take you to the next level.

That's the power of great accounting. It’s about having predictability, confidence, and insight to make the right decisions at the right time so that you can Make More and Keep More.

If you’re like most of our clients, you want to focus on what you do best, knowing the numbers are taken care of.

Every hero needs a Sidekick.

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Make More Keep More

We’ve explored the inner workings of over 50 agencies, uncovering the secrets that set the top performers apart. We took these findings and developed our signature Make More Keep More approach.

This approach will unlock the power behind your numbers, giving you the insight you need to run a profitable and sustainable business.

Join the ranks of the most successful agencies and unlock your financial potential with Sidekick.

The tax saving playbook

95% of business owners in the UK are overpaying taxes. The chances are, so are you!

"We've always got the information we need to make decisions quickly ... We've saved £10k in taxes since working with Sidekick. They're not your usual accountant."
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Oliver L

CEO, Authority Agency

"Rayhaan and his team have been the ideal and stack up as the top partner we’ve worked with on finance matters over our 14 years in business."

Oren G

Position, Company name

"Everybody wants clarity. My stress levels have decreased and I’m able to operate at a higher level, the biz is performing much better as a result."

Phaibion R

CEO, Royal Energy

"Everybody wants clarity. My stress levels have decreased and I’m able to operate at a higher level, the biz is performing much better as a result."

Lauren H

Founder, LBHPT

"Working with Rayhaan & the team has been phenomenal. I've got clarity around my numbers and what they mean for my business. I've saved tax, and I've been guided towards what's best for me and my goals."

Dean C

Founder, LATTE